Frequently Asked Questions2022-11-28T11:37:12-05:00
How does AgoraQuote help protect our brand?2022-10-11T14:31:52-04:00

AgoraQuote will only send quote requests to vendors you have invited to participate. When only approved vendors can provide quotes and produce goods using your brand, you have control over how your brand is used. Plus, you can approve designs before they go into production.

We have an internal royalty program, can we still use AgoraQuote? If so, how does that work?2022-10-11T14:30:44-04:00

During the setup process for AgoraQuote, product categories are created based on the categories from your licensing agency. AgoraQuote then automatically calculates royalties and adds them to quotes. While the royalties aren’t visible to buyers, your licensing manager can easily pull reports on royalty data and reconcile purchases to your licensing agency’s reports.

How does AgoraQuote save our organization money?2022-10-11T14:32:11-04:00

When multiple vendors provide quotes for your order, they will be more competitive because they want their quote to win your business. Organizations using AgoraQuote save an average of 38%, and frequently save much more!

How does AgoraQuote help our buyers make smarter purchasing decisions?2022-10-11T14:29:50-04:00

AgoraQuote uses smart forms to guide buyers through creating a quote request that gives the vendors all the information they need to response with a detailed quote. Buyers can also require additional information that is important for their specific situation, such as delivery timelines. When vendors provide their quote responses, everything the buyer needs to make a smart buying decision is in one place.

Do we lose access to past quote information if a buyer leaves the organization?2022-10-11T14:32:31-04:00

No! All quote responses are contained in one system, rather that housed in multiple buyers’ email inboxes. If a buyer leaves the organization, you still have access to their past quotes and can use that information for new purchases, to compare against a new bid, for invoice reconciliation, or for audit purposes. You can also use AgoraQuote for vendor management and qualification needs.

Do our buyers have to pick the lowest bid?2022-10-11T14:32:44-04:00

No! AgoraQuote is powerful and flexible. Your organization decides what works best for you. For example, you can give buyers the option to select any quote response they like.

Can AgoraQuote help with supply chain issues?2022-10-11T14:32:55-04:00

Yes! When you request a quote using AgoraQuote, you can ask suppliers to include details on delivery timelines, available inventory, and other details that will uncover potential supply chain issues.

Can AgoraQuote work with our existing procurement process?2022-10-11T14:33:04-04:00

AgoraQuote is built to work with your existing procurement processes and approval workflows. It’s also easy to run reports so you can provide your procurement team with the information they need.

How does AgoraQuote streamline the buying process?2022-10-11T14:33:15-04:00

By providing a smart-form driven quote request process, AgoraQuote helps your buyers create quote requests containing all of the details vendors need to provide complete quotes without the need for multiple emails or phone calls to clarify necessary information.

What do vendors think about AgoraQuote?2022-10-11T14:27:10-04:00

Vendors love AgoraQuote because it connects them to other buyers within your organization. Experienced suppliers also recognize that buyers consider more than just price when making purchasing decisions, so things like superior customer service will give vendors an advantage even if they don’t have the lowest price.

Do we have to install anything in order to use AgoraQuote?2022-10-11T14:26:46-04:00

No! AgoraQuote is a SaaS tool, so everything you need is accessible online via your web browser.

Can AgoraQuote help us track our purchases with local, MBE, WBE, or other categories of vendors?2022-10-11T14:26:20-04:00

Yes! AgoraQuote has built-in and customizable categories that identify vendors with special designations during the purchasing process. That information is also available for reporting, so you can provide your procurement team with data on diversity spending.

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Priya Exantus – Manager of Trademark Licensing

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