Instantly request quotes from approved vendors, compare quotes and place an order.

Onboard and control approved vendors with ease, minimizing rogue spend and tail spend.

Spend less time comparing and obtaining quotes while saving up to 30% for your organization.

How Optimized is Your Purchasing Process?


This Isn’t Purchasing, It’s Chaos!

Your job is to support purchasing, manage licensing and save your organization money. But you can only use approved vendors, each of which have their own “system.” Just getting a quote takes days and dozens of emails. It’s inefficient, ineffective and quite frankly a waste of time.

Since when did managing purchases become such a pain?

  • Buying is broken; managing multiple vendors and purchasers is frustrating

  • It’s impossible to manage licensing and the brand

  • No system in place to easily compare quotes and track spending

  • You want to save the organization and buyers money, there must be a better way

Power to the Purchasers

AgoraQuote by Corexpand takes the pressure out of purchasing by providing you with a powerful tool to simplify your organization’s buying process, easily onboard vendors, obtain and manage quotes from only approved vendors, oversee purchases and save time and money.

AgoraQuote gives you the power to:

  • Save up to 30% on purchases with side-by-side quote comparison

  • Manage brand and licensing, monitor and collect royalties on royalty-bearing products

  • Effortlessly onboard vendors and integrate with multiple eProcurement platforms

  • Track and manage multiple vendors, ensure purchasers use only approved vendors

  • Easily access all quotes and order history, approve purchases and create reports


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Ready to Eliminate the Hassle of Managing Vendors?


AgoraQuote is a SaaS platform that seamlessly compliments your current procurement system and processes.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“We use Agora to its full capacity – quoting, ordering, and reporting. Personally, I LOVE it. We implemented the platform at the same time as an internal royalty rate, which, in my opinion, was the best way to do so.”

Priya Exantus – Manager of Trademark Licensing

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Speak with our team to identify areas in your current purchasing practices that need optimization.

Punchout your AgoraQuote platform to your eProcurement system. No eProcurement system? No worries.

Enjoy complete control and visibility over campus purchases that are executed ethically, affordably, and easily.